Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Welcome to Trip-Buddy & its website trip-buddy.in. The website assists customers to gather travel information, ascertain the availability of goods & services related to travel, make legitimate reservations or for transacting with suppliers of travel and not for any other purpose. The terms “trip-buddy.in”, “our”, “us” & “we” all refer to Trip-Buddy a Partnership Company incorporated in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. In this website “you” is a term which refers to the customers visiting the website, and/or booking any reservation through us on trip-buddy.in, or through our Customer Service Agents.
The website is offered to you, subject to the condition, that you accept all the terms and conditions without any modification and notices set forth below (collectively known as the “Agreement”). You agree to be bound by the Agreement in the event you either access or use this website in any manner whatsoever, please read the Agreement very carefully and if you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions please refrain from using the website.
Use of The Website
It is conditional that in the event you use this website you agree that
· You have attained a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of use
· You have the legal authority to create a legal obligation binding on you.
· That your use of this website will be according to the terms & conditions of this Agreement
· You will use this website to make legitimate purchases for yourself or on behalf of any person at least 18 years of age for whom you act legally and are also legally authorized to do so
· All information supplied by you on this website is accurate, true, current & complete
It is our right & sole discretion to deny access to anyone who accesses the website and its allied services that we offer, in violation of this Agreement & without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Prohibited Activities
The website content and information which is inclusive of, but not limited to price or availability of services related to travel, as well as the infrastructure used for providing such information and content is fully proprietary to us and to our providers and suppliers. Your making of your travel itinerary together with documents pertaining to it for travel or services booked through trip-buddy.in, you hereby agree not to copy or modify, transmit or distribute, reproduce or publish, sell or resell information or transfer, license, create derivatives from, software or products & services derived from or through this website.
You agree not to use the
· Website or its contents for any commercial purpose.
· Or make false, fraudulent or speculative reservations anticipating demand.
· Or for any purpose copy, monitor or access the website, manually or by automation without our written permission.
· Or take such measures which may impose or imposes a disproportionate & extra load on our infrastructure.
· Or link this website by limiting the purchase path of all the travel services without our written permission.
· Or copy any part of this website for display in other websites without our authorization in writing.
You hereby also agree that any violation of the above clauses will lead to reservation cancellations made by you and also deny access to all travel related products and services and also in the forfeiture of any monetary advance made for such reservations including debiting of your account for all such costs incurred by us for your such violations.
Suppliers Rules & Restrictions
You agree that Getaway Journey are authorized to pre negotiate for rates with suppliers on your behalf for purchase of travel related products and services. The website displays rates which is a sum total of the pre negotiated rates of products and services being purchased by you together with the service charges of Trip-Buddy to be retained by them for services rendered.
Every purchase of travel related goods or services that you purchase or reserve will be guided by terms and conditions which are separate & expressly pertaining to such purchase and reservation of suppliers selected by you. Read these terms and conditions very carefully. You will abide by the terms and conditions of purchase as provided by any of the suppliers you choose to deal with, and is inclusive of but not limited to, for payment of all due amounts in agreement with the suppliers rules and related restrictions if any pertaining to the use and availability of fares, travel products and related services. You also agree to sign the waiver policy of certain third party provider if required, of products and services which is prior to your participation in the service/or products they offer. Your violation of the terms and conditions or restrictions might result in the cancellation of your reservations and also deny access to products related to travel and related services and also lead to the forfeiture of payments made for any such reservation and also lead to the debiting of your account for compensating any cost that we may have incurred due to such violation of agreement by you.
You agree to inform Trip-Buddy of all conditions and circumstances pertaining to special facilities that you may require for making a reservation by yourself or on behalf of any third party prior to your purchase. Any complaint regarding a supplier should be instantly brought to the notice of the supplier at the time when the service is being rendered and we should be communicated of the same in writing within a period of 15 days thereof failing which Trip-Buddy will not be responsible and also not entertain such complaints.
Change or Cancellation of Products & Services purchased from this website should be requested for in writing either at info@trip-buddy.in or to the service help address 2/1 Maharaja Tagore Road, Kolkata 700031, and such request should be received by us on our office days from 9.30am to 6 pm local time, at least 48 hours before these products and services are to be provided to you as per schedule. All changes, modifications or new bookings will be subject to the availability of such products and services and Trip-Buddy will not be liable or held accountable for non availability of the same. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions which was binding on you at the time of purchase and the same will be applicable in determining your change & cancellation policy for your purchase. You also agree to the following:
· If Change or Cancellation Policy related to your Purchase was not included in the terms and conditions at the time of your purchase, then your Purchase will not be changed and the Purchase will be cancelled without any refund.
· If the terms & conditions which was imposed at the time of your purchase does not specify refund policy then in case of cancellation it will be non-refundable
· If the terms and condition relevant to the cancellation policy imposed during purchase does not specify the price of services used partly, then the same will be calculated on the basis of the utilized services only.
· You also agree to the additional cancellation charges as noted below :
15 days or Less – No refund;
Between 15 to 30 days – 50% of the amount deposited
Prior to 30 days or more – No Cancellation Charges
Note: The above not applicable to flight tickets. Cancellation charges of the carrier shall apply.
All requests for change and cancellation will be processed within 3 working days after settling all the payments relevant to the request. In the event of a cancellation the refund if any will be credited to the account of the purchaser after deduction of necessary processing charges for such refund within 15 working days. There are cards and accounts which may even take 1 month to reflect the credited amount.
Delivery Policy
On completion of purchase, receipts of all goods and services purchased from Trip-Buddy through their web site will be delivered in the form of a printable electronic ticket which you can download from the website and will confirm successful completion of purchase . You will also receive intimidation of the same by email. In the event you do not receive the same you must notify us of the same within an hour of completion of the purchase. We shall, however, not be liable for non-delivery because the email provided at the time of purchase did not receive the email which contains your ticket for whatsoever the reason might be.
Privacy Policy
We seriously take into account the trust that you repose on us while making purchases and it is our foremost priority to maintain a strict security and confidentiality of all your personal data that you provide us while making purchases. Please read our Privacy policy very carefully to ascertain our Privacy Practices.
Reviews, Comments and other Submissions
Your ideas, suggestions, reviews, questions, comments and postings on our website by electronic mail is highly appreciated. Your submissions to Trip-Buddy through their web site and its affiliates are totally free of any Royalty, are transferable, have license rights for usage, to publish, modify or create derivatives from such submissions which may be publicly displayed throughout the world and also use the names submitted with such submissions and also share the submissions with our partner affiliates. Trip-Buddy has no obligation and also reserves the sole right as to the extent the contents of the submissions are to be displayed on the website and you acknowledge that such submissions provided by you are non-proprietary and non-confidential in nature. We will not be responsible for any liability that may arise from the submissions posted or submitted by you and you will be totally responsible for the same. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you are requested not to make available any submissions to us. Trip-Buddy also has the right to pursue any person or entity who violates your or Trip-Buddy rights in submission by breaching the Agreement & the contents of submissions. The contents of submissions by you are fully your sole responsibility. You are prohibited from posting any submissions, comments or suggestions which are unlawful, threatening in nature, obscene, defamatory, libelous and of pornographic nature that violates law. Your submissions should not infringe on Patent Rights, copy rights, trademarks or proprietary rights of third parties or be of any commercial nature, solicit for funds, or for marketing or advertisement of any goods and services. You will be held responsible for any damage resulting from violation of such restrictions or for any harm arising from such postings. You also agree to Trip-Buddy rights to use, delete or publish any content that you submit without any notice to you.
Airline Flight Tickets
The standard air travel and flight rules which are in existence for all full service airlines and their conditions of carriage are available on request and you agree to all the rules and regulation of the airline. You also agree that unless it is specified in the air tickets you are to pay for any extra amenities requested for, together with beverages, meals, baggage fees and airport fees/taxes directly at the airport before boarding your flight.
Prepaid hotel reservations
Unless it is specifically mentioned, your Hotel Vouchers will not include facility & service fees and this may be charged directly at the hotel.
You agree that Trip-Buddy is authorized to pre negotiate hotel tariffs to facilitate your reservation of hotel bookings on your behalf, directly with the hotel and/or its suppliers. All hotel tariffs displayed on the website is a sum total of the pre negotiated tariffs of hotel reservation and bookings made on your behalf and the facilitation fees to be retained by Trip-Buddy for providing their services. You also authorize Trip-Buddy to make reservations for the gross reservation price consisting of room tariffs displayed on the website and the applicable taxes to be recovered and the facilitation fees. You also agree that Trip-Buddy are authorized to charge your credit card for the gross reservation price. Submitting of your request for hotel reservation also authorizes Trip-Buddy to facilitate hotel reservations and bookings on your behalf and also make arrangements for payment to the hotel and/or hotel suppliers.
You also agree that Trip-Buddy does not collect taxes on behalf of the tax authorities. The taxes on prepaid hotel charges are paid by Trip-Buddy to the Hotel and/or hotel supplier or travel partner which is in direct connection of your reservations made. The Hotel and/or Hotel suppliers and travel partners charge the applicable taxes in their Invoices drawn on Trip-Buddy, which varies with the location & jurisdiction of the local tax authorities and the same is remitted by the hotels and/or hotel suppliers and travel partners directly to the applicable tax authorities and Trip-Buddy does not act as a co vendor with the hotel and/or hotel supplier and travel partners with whom we book our reservation on your behalf. Our service fees vary with the type of hotel wherein reservation is made and the same compensates our service fees for servicing your travel reservations and bookings.
Your change or cancellation of bookings and reservations will attract cancellation charges as indicated in the reservation rules and regulation of the Hotel. If you do not change or cancel your reservation within the period as specified by the hotel for such changes and cancellation, which varies from hotel to hotel then you will be subject to charges like nightly charges, taxes charged and service fees. In the event you do not show up on the first day of reservation and wish to continue from the second day onwards the such no shows and change in reservation is to be confirmed with Trip-Buddy no later than the previous night of the date of no show so that your reservation is not cancelled. You may make refund requests for such no show within 30 days of check out and the same will be settled as per the rules and regulations applicable at the time of booking of the Hotel.
Travel Destinations
Most travels either to domestic or international destinations are incident free but certain destinations involve greater risks and Trip-Buddy request travelers who book through us to prior review all prohibitions related to travel together with warnings and announcement or advisories issued by the Government.
Trip-Buddy offer and sale of travel packages to certain destinations does not guarantee that travel to such destination is risk free and not prone to damages or losses and hence Trip-Buddy will not be liable for damages or losses that may arise by travel to such destinations.
Liability Disclaimer
All data, products & services displayed on this website may not be accurate including error in pricing. Trip-Buddy in particular together with its affiliates and partners and websites all linked with this website does not guarantee accuracy of all information including pricing displayed, regarding hotels with its amenities , transport (cars, taxis, buses) , air services etc without any limitation disclaims liability arising out of any errors or inaccuracy relating to the same which also includes all relevant information as supplied by our associate suppliers &vendors together with photographs displayed by them regarding locations , goods & services related to hotels & travel . The prices are valid when purchased by you and we reserve the right to correct all errors or inaccuracy pending reservations & bookings of your bookings and reservations under incorrect prices. Under such circumstances we will keep your reservations pending under the correct price and inform you the same and in the event you do not agree to the same we will cancel your reservation without any penalty charges.
You are also responsible for obtaining all travel related documents as may be required for the entire trip and the same should not be limited to visas, passports and immigration letters.
This website displays hotel ratings as a general guideline and Trip-Buddy or its affiliates or their respective suppliers does not guarantee the availability of specific products and services. Trip-Buddy and their suppliers and affiliates may also make changes and improvements to the website at any time.
Trip-Buddy and its affiliates and suppliers do not make any representation about the suitability of the information, products, services and software which are the contents of this website for any purpose whatsoever and are also not the endorsement of Trip-Buddy or its affiliates and suppliers and is of as is condition without warranty of any kind. Trip-Buddy and its affiliates and suppliers disclaim all warranties and conditions regarding mails sent from this website being free from viruses and components of not being of harmful nature. Trip-Buddy, its affiliates and suppliers disclaims all warranties and conditions regarding this information, services, products and soft wares including all implied merchantability conditions and warranties, fitness for a particular purpose and non infringement.
All the carriers, hotels and other suppliers to this website are all independent operators and are not agents or employees of Trip-Buddy or its affiliates.
All acts, omissions, representations, warranties, errors, breach or negligence of such suppliers and any deaths, personal injuries, damage to property or otherwise or breach or negligence resulting from there is not the liability of Trip-Buddy or its affiliates. All delays, over bookings, cancellations, strikes, force majeure or other clauses beyond the direct control of Trip-Buddy is not their liability and also have no responsibility for rerouting or acts of any Government or Statutory authority together with your incurring of any additional expense, delay or omissions.